Monday, December 11, 2017

Cable Crochet Made Easy by Bonnie Barker

A Book Review and a signed copy giveaway.

Disclosure: I was given an electronic version of the book by Bonnie for review purposes. I did not review the videos that go along with this book.

Well isn't this book review perfect timing, with most of the country in a deep cold front and some getting snow for the first time... ever. Even here in Florida I woke up to 33 degrees, I know it's shorts weather up north but yikes!

I love all things cabled and Irish and Bonnie has become the go to for Aran cable designs and education.  With the purchase of this Cable Crochet Made Easy you get access to Bonnie's video tutorials for each pattern,  yes each pattern.  This means for the new to cables crocheter you have a visual to learn.  For the experienced you have a back up source if needed.

Check out Bonnie's YouTube Channel here.

You may ask, why are there no charts? Cable charts can be confusing for some so Bonnie elected in lieu of charts to have a companion video for each design. 

Image result for Cable cRochet Made easy

The cover picture is the Crazy Chunky Cabled Stole. Keeping you cozy while giving you arm freedom.  Bonnie used many sources for yarn, this used Loops&Thread - Charisma, exclusively from Michael's.

Image result for Cable cRochet Made easy
One of my favorites is this Arrow Asymmetrical Scarf.  Being in Florida I am more apt to grab this fingering weight shawl.  I love the colorway here. 

Image result for Cable cRochet Made easy

I love the cabling in this shawl.The Abigail Scarf & Shawl. Bonnie designed this in two sizes, one a small scarf, the perfect accessory and a larger shawl size. She used Teresa Ruch Designs yarn for the shawl.  This yarn is Bamboo, Rayon and Tencel.  I can only imagine the drape, sheen and feel of this shawl.  I see this shawl in my future.

Image result for Cable cRochet Made easyImage result for Cable cRochet Made easy

What would crochet cables be without the perfect blankets.  On the left is the Moher Cabled Throw, she also has the matching pillow for this throw.  Perfect today with a cup of Hot Chocolate, all warm and cozy. Many of the pictures in all of Bonnie's books were taken while visiting Ireland.  The Moher Cabled Throw is named after the Cliff's of Moher in Ireland.  Bonnie chose this color combination for the men in her house, I see so many three color combinations for this throw.

We won't forget the little one's either.  The Striped and Cabled Baby Blanket is the perfect grab and go blankie for the little one.  Of course made with the very soft Cascade Yarn Cherub Aran and totally washable. Again, feel free to adjust colors to your little one. 

Image result for schweet shrug

Finally, I love shrugs. Just enough without a whole sweater. The Schweet Shrug fits the cabled bill perfect. The stitches and detail are outstanding. This design is available up to size 2x.

This book is a great addition to your crochet library, whether you're experienced of beginner. Pick up a copy at Amazon, available in print or electronic versions. Visit BonnieBayCrochet here.

See below to win a signed copy of Cable Crochet Made Easy by Bonnie Barker. 

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Book Review and Giveaway: My Crocheted Closet

Review of My Crocheted Closet:
Disclaimer: publisher sent me a complimentary copy for review purposes.

Image result for my crocheted closet salena baca

My Crocheted Closet has 22 fashion forward designs, these designs are fashion and accessories.

The pictorial index in front of book makes it so easy to find the design you're ready to make.  The 13 designers that Salena has brought together are from all over the world

Monday, December 4, 2017

Review: Clover Tunisian Interchangeable Hook Set

Review and Giveaway of the New Tunisian Interchangeable Hook Set by Clover

Disclaimer: I was given a set of these hooks for review by Clover USA

I  have to admit I've had the Clover Interchangeable Hook Set for 6 months now.  Let me tell you I have put them to the test.
I wanted to try every size from E 3.5mm to L 8.0mm  and I did.

First the case, it's made of durable canvas, has a slot for every hook and a couple extras keeping your hooks organized. It's a tri-fold, so great for traveling and keeps everything at fingertips including 5 cords in sizes 16" to 48" along with 5 wooden stoppers neatly tucked into a foam holder in it's own attached pouch. 

Next feature that I love and is important to any interchangeable set is the hook/cord joint.  These hooks are made from high quality bamboo, which means smooth, lightweight and comfortable.  Ahh, the join, notice in the picture it is a screw join, and.... there is a small rubber gasket to ensure a tight smooth fit.  I never had issues with the screw working it's way open while crocheting. The wood stopper has the same screw attachment. 

Notice the nice point on the hook?  This is an important 
detail for Tunisian crochet.  I say this because my standard hook preference is the Clover Amour hook which has a more rounded head.  I have no problem with the point here because of the difference in technique of Tunisian. 

I have grabbed these hooks several times over these months on my standard designs.  For instance, I made a pair of slippers using the split single crochet, for the life of me I couldn't get my usual hook in the space I needed.  The L Tunisian hook worked perfectly and I made the pair using that hook as a standard hook.
Here you can see the cord ends, one for stopper and one for hook. These cords are strong yet flexible. I never had to "steam" the cord straight. Extenders are available here if you need to combine cords for more length. 

The hook size is burnished into the hook to make sure you have the hook you want.

Size E 3.5 mm on left to L 8.0 mm on right
When I used the E hook I had no bend or fear of it breaking, ask me how I know smaller hooks bend and break....

Here are some of the stitches on swatches that I have used these hooks with.  Several have become designs that you will see in the future.  I do believe using these hook has made my Tunisian stitches better.

You can purchase the Clover Interchangeable Hook Set on Amazon and CloverUSA.  The cords and stoppers work with the Interchangeable Knitting Needle set as well.  Cords, stoppers, extenders and hooks can all be purchased separately. Hooks here and cords, extenders and stoppers here.

These hooks will make a great addition to fill your Tunisian Crochet needs. This is the perfect Christmas gift for the crocheter in your life, or gift for you.  As a matter of fact, you can enter to win the COMPLETE set.  See below. 

Tell me your Tunisian crochet story....

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Box Stitch Crochet - A Book Review

Box Stitch Crochet
Use Corner to Corner in New Ways to Make ....

If you're a fan of the corner-to-corner stitch you will love this book.  If you've never done the box stitch and have always wanted too, but not to make an afghan, this book is for you.

Corinne has done a great job of bring this stitch into our wardrobes and accessories.