Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Interview with Kristin Omdahl

I am excited to share Kristin's insights to her new book Knitting Outside the Swatch, published by Interweave. 

I first met Kristin at Stitches East in October of 2012, we both love our fiber and craft and also found that we live not far from each other in Florida.  I met her for coffee one morning to talk about her new book and the inspiration for it. 

Just some background, Kristin is a self-taught knitter and crocheter. She taught herself in 2002, she has been knitting and crocheting professionally for 10 years now. This is her sixth book with Interweave, as well as being published by many yarn companies and top magazines including Interweave Knits. 

Karen: What inspired Knitting Outside the Swatch??

Kristin: I wanted to apply the geometric patterns of other crafts and artisan works to knitting.   I was inspired by Moroccan tile work, quilting, crochet and nature.

Karen: What is your favorite part or section of the book?

Kristin: It was important for me to have a reference section and to feature a few construction styles within it to expand on different techniques.  I highlighted the various construction styles within the pattern section so you can mix and match within the construction methods when making your own projects.

Karen: What is your favorite weight yarn to work with?

Kristin:  fingering or sport

Karen: I noticed that your garments tend to be more form fitting or belted, why do you prefer that style?

Kristin: I think every yarn has a purpose and can be beautiful with the right project.  I find lighter weight yarns make great draping fabric that is more flattering to every figure.

Karen: Which motif shape is the most versatile… square, hex???

Kristin:  It will always depend on what you are making! But as far as making a 2-dimensional project, like a scarf or and afghan, you will get straight edges working a 4-point or 8-point motif whereas you will have to offset your motifs with a 6-point motif and will get a scalloped edge.

Karen:  When will the book be available?

Kristin: Now!

I have a signed copy of Knitting Outside the Swatch to giveaway to a random winner who leaves a comment here at I Hook Design- Kristin Omdahl Interview.

Knitting Outside the Swatch is available now through Interweave, click here to order.

Check out Kristins web site  to see what else is going on in the very talented designers fiber life. 

Locally, she will be signing copies of her book at A Good Yarn Sarasota on Saturday November 16th, stop in and say hello...