Sunday, March 3, 2013

March is National Crochet Month

March is National Crochet Month and all month long I get to visit 2 designers blogs a day through blog.  What a great idea this is....
I, in honor of NatCroMo have filled 4 display cases at my local library, this coincides with their books and posters for National Craft Month (it will always be NatCroMo to to follow.  I have met a very talented crocheter here in SW FL. Joan Stewart, she designs and teaches crocheting with strips of cotton to make rugs, hats, purses.  She partnered with me for the library display.   I have  to thank the ladies of my knitting group (I know, most of us crochet too!) for lending me their cherished grandmother's crocheted pieces to display.  

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