Thursday, November 14, 2013

Help on Social Media Networking

I need some thoughts and opinions on social networking to make the best use of my time.  I have Facebook, Ravelry, Pinterest, Blog, and now Google+.  Which do you prefer and why, which works better for crochet news and info, friends and family??? What kind of results have you seen  from using Google+?  Is having a Twitter account worth it.   Please leave comments and CHECK THE NOTIFY BOX this will allow you  to see my replies.   Thanks, my bermuda triangle of time is no longer three (FB, Rav, Pin)

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  1. My experience in based on what has worked well at Pink Chalk Fabrics where I work. I am on FB and Instagram daily. We try to post something at least 2-3 times a day on each site. I recommend keeping your post relevant to your followers. Be authentic and post what you love.

    I've found Facebook is a great place to share your latest blog post, tutorials, free downloadable patterns, funny comics and human interest stories. Funnies and Human interest stories relevant to your craft work best. We get a ton of likes and share when we post Ms Bobbins comics. The quilter in the international space station also gave us many shares and likes.You don't have to post only original content. I often post a tutorial from another blogger or fabric supplier site. People love free stuff. Free patterns are great but always give credit. People don't mind if you share their designs just give them credit and a link back to their site. Hopefully they will appreciate the share and return the favor some day.
    Instagram has been a great tool as well. Very popular with the younger crowd. We post pretty inspirational photos on Instagram. Often with a link to the pattern or tutorial. Be creative with photography here and also original. They want to be inspired not sold. That goes for most social media. The used car sales pitch never works. Loving, caring and giving is the key here. It's a community of like minded people, that's what you want to build. Most designers love to share and promote you when your promoting them.
    Pintrest kind of feeds on itself. You need to be there posting things but not so much as the others. We post stuff here but most of our pins come from the website and blog. People are pining inspiration for later use. Pin what you like and you will build followers.
    Twitter we are less active with. Our blog post are automatically tweeted. beyond that we don't promote much here. Maybe it's a more visual media that works for fabric. I think it's just not our thing.
    Just make sure your content is genuine and true to what you love.