Monday, November 25, 2013

Yarn Bombed Chair next step

This is more work than I thought, and I am not really putting much thought into it......I love how it's coming along though and will look for other bargains to bomb... has anyone yarn bombed, what did you cover???


  1. Our guild yarn bombed a chair for one of our guild members. We displayed it at our local library the month of our annual Knit Out day where we teach people to knit and crochet. We also have a fashion show of the items our guild members has knitted or crochet in the past year.

    1. Where is your guild? We don't have any here in SW Florida but I did do a couple of display cases at our library for March National Crochet Month and it was very well received.I will do more yarn bombs as I find treasures. This will definitely go on display in March. I love your fashion show idea, mmm

  2. I can't wait to see the finished project!