Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review of Lo-Lo Bar Moisturizer

Sorry I'm a little late with my weekly review... where did this week go..
This week is another purchase made at Stitches South.  

The Lo-Lo Bar Moisturizer.

This wonderful all over moisturizer comes in a reusable tin and is in cake form, easily kept in my project bag.  

The scent I chose is Pink Grapefruit, natural eco-friendly ingredients made in small batches from a family recipe.  You can use it on dry skin or right out of the bath or shower while still damp.  

Another bonus I discovered that is great since I live in Florida, is it works on bug bites, yes they love love me. I do not have curly hair but had my friend try it for frizz control (again Florida) and she loved it. 
It's really a wonder product, I do use it most while crocheting to keep hands and cuticles smooth so yarn does not catch and because it's not greasy I can continue to  keep working, doesn't stain yarn.  I have found it lasts through multiple washings, this feature I'm thinking would be perfect for a nurse friend as a gift..... check out their web site here for this product and many others....

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