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A Book Review and Giveaway: Crochet for Baby All Year by Tammy Hildebrand

Well just in time for 4th of July I am reviewing Tammy Hildebrand newest book, Crochet for Baby All Year, published by Stackpole Books.

A little bit about Tammy, she also wrote Crochet Wraps Every Which Way which I reviewed here at I Hook Design. She is Vice-President of the Crochet Guild of America. Her designs have been in many publications including but not limited to Crochet!, Crochet World and has made the cover of Interweave Crochet, and many yarn companies. You can keep up with her at

First, it's easy to see the inspiration for the book, the main model is Tammy's new grand-daughter Willow.  The fact that every month of the year has a girl and boy outfit is perfect. It's also nice that all patterns cover the 3 month-18 month sizes.

I have chosen to do a Q&A with Tammy about the book:

K: Obviously your grand-daughter inspired the book, where did all the designs by month come from?
T: During that first year,they change from a helpless little bundle to a distinct little person right before your eyes! They grow out of everything literally overnight so I thought it would be fun to make a new design for each month.  I also often hear that baby boys designs are hard to find so that's why I included both little girls and little boys.

K: What design is your favorite? 
T: I really love September with the cheerleader and football player.  My little models were so cute in them and my dad was a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  He would have loved these!

K: Which was the easiest to come up with?
T: I'm not sure if it was the easiest, but the October dinosaurs were the most fun.  Once I  had the vision, I just couldn't stitch fast enough because I wanted to get it on Willow and see the finished design.

K: How long did it take to create the designs to gather for a book?
T: I'm not much of a planner and really just design as I go.  I had a rough idea of my game plan but then I just develop the ideas as I work on them.  It is more of an ongoing process rather than a 1, 2, 3 step plan.  I typically don't swatch or sketch.  I just make!

K: I love the picture index in the back, was that your idea?
T: The index is the idea if my brilliant publisher.  I love it too!

K: How has being a grandmother changed your life?
T: OMGosh I could write a whole book here!  How hasn't it changed?  My life is different in every way since we welcomed Willow into our lives.

K: How has it changed what and how you design?
T: Since I don't typically design children's clothes, that was a big change right there!

K: What are you going to tell Willow and her children someday about this book and her modeling adventure?
T: Willow is a big ham and likes to be the center of attention (just like her mother was!) so she will take a lot of enjoyment from having this keepsake book. As soon as it arrived I showed it to her and she was grinning.  She has changed so much just in the short time since our photo shoot!

There are so many little details about this book that I really like.  For instance the index in the back makes it so easy to find the month/holiday outfit you are looking for.  The is a color coded edge at the top of the pages which makes it easier to find what you are looking for as you fan the pages.

My favorite (well 3 favorites) are the Beach Babies, Boo and Happy Independence Day.  I never thought about bathing suits for babies, especially trunks for the boys but these are so cute.They are made with Cascade Yarns Fixation, which I am familiar with. It's a cotton/elastic blend, perfect for running around the beach or the sprinkler.  The color pop is what I love about Happy Independence Day, I know it's red, white and blue but the way Tammy worked those colors makes me smile. In Boo (October) Stanley or Stella the Stegosaurus costumes are just too cute!

Thanks Tammy

I am having a giveaway of Crochet for Baby All Year, the winner will receive a copy directly from the publisher.
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