Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Childhood Memories

The 30th Annual Mount Dora  FL Craft Fair. They expected 250k to 300k over 2 days.  Literal bus loads were coming...

I went to the Mount Dora Fl Craft Fair this weekend.  The weather in central FL was perfect.  While wandering around I noticed many people with Pussy Willow branches. I had to find the vendor, as soon as I saw them I  thought of my grandparents backyard. They had a huge Pussy Willow tree in front of the swing set, we used to try to touch the branches with our feet while swinging.... Salix discolor (American willow) native to North America, Idaho to Maine and south to Maryland. This vendor was from Ohio.

There were so many amazing crafters here from jewelry, pottery, metalwork, food, spices and rubs, of course a couple of crochet vendors (kids  hats from Angry Birds and Despicable Me were popular), and so much more.  There were 400 vendors and all of downtown was closed. 
These are ear vine earring that pierced or non pierced can wear (they are a pair).  I chose the sterling there were so many to choose from.  I also bought some lemon/ginger rub for chicken and fish (those who know me probably can't beleive it), it can be used for making dip too. 
I also bought 2 other items as gifts that I cannot reveal...

What sparks your childhood memories when you see it???Please share.

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