Friday, October 10, 2014

Leaves are changing..

Although I live in Florida now, I still miss the fall of the Northeast.   The leaves changing, pumpkins, scarecrow contest at Peddlers' Village in Lahaska PA, and the mums.....

I went to my new local Joann's yesterday and saw for the first time my book Elegant, Fashionable and Chic Accessories to Crochet in the rack.  An outer-body experience for sure.  But, it reminded me that it's the time of year to make hats, scarves and mitts, or refresh the collection you have.  The book has 6 sets of accessories including for men, a total of 16 patterns.  Again in FLorida there is not much need although I have found just moving 4 hours north to the Orlando area it does get cold overnight and early morning, perfect for the hat and mitts.

My book is available at Joanns, Barnes and Noble , Amazon .

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