Thursday, January 1, 2015

Formal Jewelry Now Available

Here is my current book, published by Leisure Arts
The idea for this book came from several ideas.  I wanted to try crocheting with materials other than yarn, so while wandering around the craft store I came upon embroidery thread and thought ahhh beads.

I love classic jewelry, pearls, diamond studs etc. So I designed 12 items using beads and materials other than yarn.  There is a headband, garter, and two barefoot sandals along with necklaces and bracelets.

I love the thought that wedding parties can make their jewelry for the wedding and the bride, along with honeymoon extras.  Young girls can get together and make jewelry for their dances and formals. Of course other family members may want to make these as gifts of for themselves. 

I'm very happy with this book and the designs, you'll notice I am wearing the Classic Pearl necklace in my headshot picture.
Formal Jewelry is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and will be available soon in major craft and hobby stores.

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