Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sorry to be gone so long...

I  know I haven't written since March.  We traveled in April as well as bought a home.  We've been very busy getting the new place in shape.  The previous owner lived here for forty years, so we had original aluminum windows to replace, 40 year old shag rugs to replace and a lot of painting.
We love it and continue to make it our own one phase at a time.  Next phase is kitchen.

our view from enclosed porch

New leather sofas

regular balloon lift offs over lake in front of our windows

shabby chic on navy accent wall.

My husband discovered Hobby Lobby and oh boy

In coming days and weeks I will post about Crochet Guild of America conference in San Diego.  A new book coming in January and I am working on book 4 now.  I am also starting a CGOA chapter here in town, our first charity event will be decorating a bra for Bra-Vo, a breast cancer fundraiser,  of course we are crocheting the design.  Also on the calendar are two book reviews and giveaways in October. 
Sorry it's been so long, good to be back.

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