Sunday, December 27, 2015

Did You Get an Etsy Gift Certificate???

I received an Etsy Gift Certificate for my birthday in October from some friends, all right my Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) Chapter, the Mount Dora Froggers.  I had never purchased anything on Etsy before but certainly knew about it. Etsy is an online custom made marketplace, check here  to see.

So I thought what could I possibly treat myself to?? Jewelry?? A yarn bowl?? I have a beautiful one from a friend already.....

I have the complete set of Amour crochet hooks from Clover. Their handles are a little bigger and are made from a non slip material unlike most crochet hooks and not all fit in my current Della Q case.  So I searched for a new one on Etsy.

I found Elsie Geneva Designs.  Shelley has a great inventory of handmade bags, totes and carriers for all things including crochet hooks.  I found one that I liked that was for Amour hooks, so the slips would be big enough and  I got to choose the fabric.  But I have the whole set of the hooks plus other stuff, scissors, gauge checker and yes a caliper to measure hooks when size is in question, not to mention stitch,
I emailed Shelly and asked about adding more slips and maybe a button/elastic closure instead of a snap.  Even though the snap is sturdy I knew I would over stuff it and needed room to grow.

The fabric I chose was French Postcards, she has such an assortment to choose from it was hard.

The customer service was outstanding, she added a couple extra slips and a button closure for me.  I would have to wait 6 weeks while she made it, but the wait was worth it. It arrived a couple days earlier than promised. 

The zipper case for those little extras is perfect, it's attached and folds right into the case to fold over closed.  What a fabulous feature.

Now my Della Q case also holds 16 hooks and is perfect for the smaller hooks like Boye and Susan Bates.  I do like that this case has the tags for sizes attached.   Shelley at Elsie Geneva could have embroidered the sizes on for me for an extra charge, but I wanted to live with it without sizes marked so I had freedom to move things around. 

I would highly recommend Shelley at Elsie Geneva on Etsy for designing your custom hook or needle case.  I absolutely love it.  The gift certificate purchase process was a snap.

Now my grandmother's Boye hooks, I'm a Boye user too, have a case of their own so I won't lose them , I guard them.  I received her collection of hooks when she passed in 1996, which brought me back to crocheting.  Notice the scratches on her 
H and I hooks probably from holding it in her teeth when she had to frog 
(rip it, rip it)

Feel free to ask me any questions about my case.  I would love to know how you store and carry your hooks around. 

Thank you Mount Dora Froggers....

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