Thursday, May 18, 2017

Do You Have a Fiber Truck? I Do

May / June 2017

I wonder if you have ever seen a fiber truck, a mobile yarn store? I would love to read your thoughts and comments about this truck, your fiber truck experience or your fiber adventures.

I am fortunate enough that my local yarn store, Four Purls Yarn Shop (1 hour and 20 minutes away) in Winter Haven FL, has a mobile yarn truck that comes to  my Village (Farmers) Market once a month October - May. The Fiber Truck was recently featured
on the cover of the local Polk County FL magazine The 863 (area code, cute right?)  Below is the link to the article.

There are a few in the country.  I have heard of The Yarnover Truck based in CAImage result for yarnover truck
and I have seen the Buffalo Wool Company truck at fiber events that I have attended. Image result for buffalo wool company truck

This truly is a beautiful thing.  I can drive down to the store anytime, but in season I can call the Four Purls Shop, place an order or request something to come up on the truck when they come to the market.

The Four Purls are actually Laura and JD's 4 children, sometimes the younger ones come to our market with the truck. It is a family business, their daughter models designs made by Laura and the youngest son is the social media star and sales person (he's 9).

Laura and JD have an amazing shop with great customer service and full online store to order from.  Four Purls has a great variety of yarns and weaving supplies. They focus on Indie Dyers, gorgeous unique yarns made of the finest fibers.  Their last visit is this Sunday to my market and I will be there all day with them.

If you are in Central Fl check the Follow the Truck schedule and sign up for their newsletter.

Read the article in The 863 magazine here.

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