Saturday, May 20, 2017

Re-purpose Purse

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I know, what the heck???

This is the hardware of a purse.  You may know I love thrift, garage, church rummage sales...This piece I bought at a church garage sale in Naples (my BFF in Naples is really into this stuff too, more on her in another post). It was a complete purse with fabric and sequins.  I purchased it for $2 and cut off the fabric.  Now...What should I do with it?? Crochet of course, I can use wool and felt it, add a chain and make a cross body?? I can use cotton and make a summery clutch?? I can use specialty shiny or sequined type yarn and crochet a shape??  Ahhh shape?  Long and narrow, rounded and gathered?  

Below is my next victim.  I've had this beauty for a while... Thoughts??

And here is one that I have felted with Cascade 220 fingering yarn...
I plan to redo this to make a clutch or a go bag for phone and essentials. I have no loops for a chain. 

Below is a store bought coin purse hardware that I played with. I may remake this too. You can find these in most craft stores like Joann, Michael's or Hobby Lobby..

I would love your thoughts and opinions........feel free to leave a comment.
By the way, I've been know to buy a blouse or other object at a thrifty place just for the buttons. Oh am I the only one???

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