Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My Day at the Lion Brand Outlet

I was recently in NJ and NY for family business.  As always I find a way to visit a yarn store, this trip was visiting two biggies.  I was heading to Newark airport from Westchester County NY and thought I would Google Map directions to the Lion Brand Outlet.  This has been on my list every time I go north from FL, I never seem to make it.  When I saw the directions were basically right off Route 46 I knew it was an easy stop before the airport.  (Route 46 from Westchester, yeah, I take the Palisades through Fort Lee to Turnpike).  Anyway...

I found my way through to the back of a light industrial area of warehouses, lots of trucks and see the Outlet along with the Corporate offices of Lion Brand.  I was greeted by Sandy, the gal who runs the shop.  I asked
if Jack or Shira were in the offices next door. She checked for me and Jack Blumenthal came over personally to say hello and give me a tour.  I have met Jack previously at CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) meetings. The first thing you notice are the HUGE displays mostly crocheted. These are previous window displays from the Lion Brand Studio in NYC.  Another must if you're in the area of Chelsea/Soho. 

Notice the snake above, it took days to stuff him.

Notice the gift boxes wrapped in crochet paper. Lion Brand sells this gift wrap paper. 

After Jack took me through the family history of Lion Brand, currently in their 5th generation, we went into the lounge/classroom.  A great open space to sit, crochet and chat with others.  Sandy was in the middle of organizing 120 framed photographs of celebrities knitting and crocheting over the years.  

Ahhh... the aisles and aisles. At the Lion Brand Outlet they do sell regular priced yarns as well. Not all of the yarns but the newest ones and the whole LB Collection.  They also have for sale the sample garments that were made for their ads. 

The outlet deals are great prices on packages of 3. Discontinued yarn lines, like Modern Baby :( and discontinued colors of existing lines are here.  You can see in the picture the sides of the aisle is chalkboard with the yarn name and price listed. 

There is much more here to shop for too, like accessories, hooks, magazines....

Ok... so I did come a little prepared, I bought a rolling duffel bag at a thrift shop just in case...

So some of my new stash is enough Modern Baby in Grey and Black to make myself a summer top, tank? T?  
I will be playing with a new LB Collection yarn Soft Spoken, I fell in love with the colors of this yarn.  Also, the NEW Feels Like Butta, and it does. (when I saw the title I was brought back to a NYNJ deli getting a bagel with butta (my native language)... It is unbelievably soft, perfect for baby blankets and sweaters or adult sweaters and cowls.  Having it against your skin is heavenly. 

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Thanks for coming along. 

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