Here are the affiliate programs I am a part of:

    •  Craftsy - I promote their classes because I believe in what it is that they do, and even though I get a little bit back for promoting a class or sale, it really isn't much in the big picture.  I have taken Craftsy classes and sell my patterns on their site.  This site will hod a cookie for a short time, but if you click through the same class or sale on someone else's site before you make a purchase, they might get the sale. This happens.
    • Annies's -   I joined their program because they are also one of my publishers. Actually my first. I have also had many patterns published in their magazines, Crochet! and Crochet World. 
    • Leisure Arts - I joined their program because they are one of the publisher of my books.  They do a wonderful; job, especially for the consumer.  I feel this is one way to support them and bring traffic to their website. Leisure Arts holds a cookie for a couple weeks only.
 I want to tell you that everything I talk about, and especially LINK to, on my blog is something I absolutely LOVE.  I never, ever will post a link to something, or give a review when I do not like something or don’t know about it.  I have tried it, read it, used it and time permitting made something from the books I review, etc before I will mention it.
I'm not comfortable posting about or having a link to a product that I don't know about.  I was in sales a long time, building customer trust is important.  I don't want to lose your trust, I want to build it

I don't make much off the links here, and I look at it more as a thank you for recommending their site or product.  I have never joined an affiliate program for anything that I have not personally tried and use. My earnings come from Print and PDF Patterns, Books, Designs sold to magazines and Designs sold to yarn companies. 

I do not sell ads, use Google Adsense ads or anything else other than what is listed here.  Personally, I am not a fan of ads, and I know many of you aren't either.  I feel they can be distracting to the message of the post.  I also feel that making an income from ads undervalues what it is that I do for the sake of making money. That is not the Primary purpose of my blog. I know that many websites/blogs do these things, ending up with big payouts that many of their visitors and followers don't realize they are getting.  I'm not comfortable with that type of marketing on my blog (even with disclaimers - free isn't always free!) and it make those of us who work really hard to deliver a great pattern or product work even harder to gain your trust.

If you see any other link on my site, for anything else, it is a direct link to the page without an affiliate, I do that often to make the search easier for you. You may see other affiliates added to this list. they will always meet my personal guidelines for their product or service.

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